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Why you should “POOP" in front of your partner

Updated: Oct 19

The one thing that no one wants to talk about. The thing that everyone hides throughout their relationship: POOPING! Even in front of your partner.

A roll of toilet paper

Ok we know we know, “come on Forging For Two, that’s way too personal” even if it is my significant other. But little do you know, the insecurities behind not being able to poop in front of your forever partner may be attached to some deep rooted issues that if repaired could lead to a happier, healthier, long lasting, extremely loving relationship!

"Come on Foraging For Two, that's way too personal!"

Let’s get started, so it goes deeper than the act of pooping. You first need to have trust, honesty, a great level of communication and comfort in your #relationship. Trust is something that is so hard to come by. We should rephrase that, “REAL” trust is so hard to come by. Let’s think back to when you were a kid, maybe you or someone you knew had a cat. You played with this cat everyday for weeks and one day it scratches you. Now from that day forward, you would pet the cat but you never really let your guard down around him/her again. Sooner or later you start to come across people that have experienced similar situations with their cats, you start to think “humm, maybe I shouldn’t fully #trust any cat”. This example is how we are as humans, we get emotionally hurt by multiple people (sometimes just one) and we end up projecting that trauma on our future partner.

How do you start trusting again?

Once you meet someone or have already met someone and you feel like they are “The One", JUST LET GO. It’s easier said than done, we know. But trust us, it’s completely worth it and once you do, you will realize it wasn’t as hard to do as you previously thought. Sometimes we have to dig into our past and mentally face the thing that destroyed our trust in the first place. Don’t give it anymore power, walk right up to that cat with confidence, give it a nice pet “goodbye” and don’t let it follow you home! You would be surprised at the amount of stress something like that can put on us, it’s not fair to you or your partner. We can’t take the hurt that someone has done to us in the past and put it on someone in our present. Especially, someone as incredible as our forever partner.

Honesty is the next big step to pooping in front of your partner.

#Honesty is one of those things that we need to accomplish as individuals first before we can be honest with anyone else. Take some time off and by time off we don’t mean just from work. We should all take a bit of time off from society to evaluate and re-evaluate ourselves. No phone, no TV, no music, no people at all, just you and yourself. Try to dig deep, think about what makes you tick. Think about what makes you happy, sad, what frustrates you, what makes you joyful, what enlightens you. Just think about you. Once you are able to say these things out loud to yourself then maybe you can communicate them to your partner and begin to dissect each one of those thoughts. Doing exercises like this could possibly help build huge amounts of trust in a relationship and along with that, it will help build honest communication between two loving people. This actually brings us to our next subject, communication.

Now we arrive at communication, a key to a successful forever partnership.

Once you have trust and honesty, you can share and enjoy the gift of #communication with that special someone. If you’re new to healthy, loving communication, try sitting together with your partner with no distractions. Make sure you two have both taken care of everything you needed to before hand (all errands are ran for that day, you’ve returned all calls, showered, eaten etc.). When you are finally sitting in front of each other, start with simple happy subjects (remember no pressure). Before you know it, three hours will have passed and you will be in deep #conversation. Try this on a small scale everyday for a few minutes. And the biggest thing about communication is, #LISTENING! Don’t forget to actually listen to your partner, you will have time to speak (I mean come on, you guys are forever partners, so you have forever Lol). Truly enjoy this time together.

This brings us to our final point, comfort.

Once you’ve conquered the top three as individuals and as a couple, you should be at a level of #comfort that is unmatched. We should all never find ourselves embarrassed in front of our significant others because we know that they truly love and support us no matter how we look, think or feel in that moment. It also helps to remind our partners that we love and cherish every part of them, mentally, emotionally and physically.

At this stage, pulling down those pants and taking a nice “POOP" while your amazing partner is in the shower should be as easy as 1….2….3.


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