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Why it is so important to take breaks in life!

Busy, Busy, Busy, something we all know too well. In today’s world, it seems like everyone is so busy running around trying to complete a specific task or run a “very important” errand. But the issue we see is that no one is taking a moment to catch their breath - to take a break. In this post we will touch on the subject of “Taking more than a moment in life to Smell the Roses”. Let’s go!

Woman takes a break and smells the flowers

Since we can remember, we’ve been taught to keep busy. Our parents would tell us that idle time is terrible. In school our teachers would constantly push more work on us, even if we finish the main assignment. When we graduated and entered the work world, our employers would rush us back from break. This mentality has been pushed and enforced for as long as we can all probably remember, but that doesn’t make it right.

Don’t forget to Stop and Smell the Roses

We don’t want people to misunderstand us, there is a time and place for most things. There is a time to hustle but there should actually be more than equal time to relax and take a brake. If we all took a look at our day, how much time do we get to truly relax and take a break? We’re talking about having nothing to do at all! Time where we just sit there and have a 3 hour conversation with our partner or just lay down outside and watch the clouds pass through a beautiful blue sky. Learning how to enjoy those things without feeling guilty, that is the key! In order to do that, we have to learn how to tell the outside world and most importantly ourselves “NO". Start with a small task like cleaning a smudge off a window or straightening the couch pillows. You know what we mean, as soon as you sit down, you notice something small that needs to be done. It never fails!

At that moment, tell yourself “NO", whatever small task that’s in front of you, can wait.

Society has taught us to feel guilty when we have “too much free time". But the amount of needed free time is different for everyone. When we feel guilty about taking an extra few hours to relax and take a break or an extra day off, we start to fill our needed free time with unnecessary task. If you actually take a few minutes and look around yourself, you will see people running 100 mph and not going anywhere. And yes, that’s a thing! Ever heard of a hamster wheel? Just because someone is sweating from moving around alot, doesn’t necessarily mean that they accomplished anything of meaning. That time would have been better spent focusing on self growth.

If you need a better example, think about cars racing on a circle track. These cars drive 150 mph+ only to end up where they started and as they continue to enter different races, they all either breakdown or crash. All for what? To get a win against another car?

The winner is actually the person that enjoys the ride, even if they come in last place.

The most important thing to remember about this example is that we are dealing with the human mind, body and soul…. NOT A CAR! You can replace any broken area of a car with a brand new part but there is one major thing in our human experience that can never be replaced…… TIME!

So spend yours wisely. It all comes down to balance! If you’re going to race, have fun and don’t take it so serious! Add a few extra minutes to your pit stop, don’t push the car so hard and do not let the trash talk from the other drivers effect you! For the rest of us, never feel guilty about getting off the race track, letting the windows down and taking a nice relaxing drive on a coastal highway! TAKE A BREAK IN LIFE!


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