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What is true love?

Updated: Jul 19

What does it mean to have “True Love" in a forever partner?

Society teaches us that #love can be such a powerful emotion, full of ups and downs, twist and turns, like a roller coaster ride. This can not be further from the truth. Ok, we agree that “Love" is definitely a powerful emotion but it should not be like a roller coaster ride. When you’ve found “True Love”, it is smooth sailing, it’s such an incredible feeling, nothing comes close. In this post we will list four signs that may help you recognize “True Love" when it’s knocking at your door.

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I’m sure we have all thought we were in love before. Nothing could tell us at the time that the feeling we had for our 8th grade summer crush was anything but true love. Or what about when we were a little older and we entered a long term relationship at the age of twenty and begin to play house? Looking back on those situations, we are here to tell you that those emotions were nowhere close to “Love". When you truly love someone, the following core qualities should be connected at an extremely high level: Respect, Loyalty, Support and Passion.

1. Respect

Having #respect for your partner is so important, it should be there from day one, only get stronger and never leave. Rather it’s respecting their dreams, thoughts, or physical body - it will be something that you will just naturally want to do without questioning. You should see your forever love on the same level as yourself. The two of you should go hand in hand. Listening and wanting to understand each other’s every thought should excite you. There is NEVER room for jealousy or envy when you truly respect your partner. You only want the absolute best for them!

2. Loyalty

Being #loyal is to dedicate yourself to your forever partner as well as your #relationship. This is another quality that will come naturally and does not require hard work. When you are loyal to that “special someone”, nothing can break the bond between you two. You should be dedicated to understanding and getting to know your partner better with each sunset and sunrise. You only have eyes for them, meaning anything that tries to cross your path will quickly realize that it’s a gated community and it only has two members. Being loyal means to never have a question in your head about being there for your “love" whenever and wherever you’re needed at the drop of a dime.

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3. Support

Being a supportive partner is the best feeling in the world (from both sides). We should all be so eager to lend a hand not only during times of need but just to make things a little easier for that special someone. It should never feel like a chore or a burden. When your partner is telling you how their day is going and all you care about in that moment is the next part of their story, this is real #support. When your partner wakes up a tiny bit grumpy, so you give them the space they need or a ear to share what’s going on inside, whatever it takes to help them feel better, this is real support. Our goals should be to keep our forever partners happy, healthy and full of life. And to achieve those goals, we should enjoy and take pride in being supportive to our “True Love".

4. Passion

This brings us to our final core quality, #passion. Where do we start?! When you look into each other’s eyes and that feeling of excitement yet calmness hits you so hard, that at times it pushes out a tear. When you can barely touch each other’s hands without squeezing it and smiling. When what most would consider a simple hug, sends the warmest feeling of comfort through your body yet leaves you shivering for a quick second. Everything about that special someone should do something amazing for you. That our readers, is what we call passion! My goodness!

When all of these qualities exist between two people, at a level you didn’t know was possible, it’s at that point you are experiencing “True Love" and it should last forever.

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