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The Journey of Growth in a Relationship

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Hey everyone, welcome back to the blog! In this post, we would like to talk about personal growth and growth within a relationship. We compiled a list of the 5 “Be's" that may help you or your partner through the journey of growth. Let’s go!

Couple hugging and supporting each other during growth in a relationship

1. Be Supportive

Support is one of the most important things that you can give to a partner during their journey. While going through the changes of growth, criticism will come from others outside of the relationship which can sometimes be pretty damaging. So being there for mental and emotional support can really make a big difference in how smooth the roads will be on their journey.


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2. Be patient

Growth can be immediate or it can take years. Which ever it is, it should not be rushed. There are different stages of growth and recognizing the area in which the growth should take place, is the first and most important. Once that is highlighted, as much time as needed should be taken to grow. If you are the supportive one during this process, please understand that patience can really do wonders for your partner as they grow and they will most likely thank you for this afterwards.

3. Be Understanding

Depending on what type of growth is being tackled, you may see changes in your partner’s mood. This can be a very common thing during times of self development and it’s ok. Try not to put anymore pressure on them, this may slow the process of their growth or possibly do more harm than good. Just remember that being understanding doesn’t mean you need to understand every step of your partner’s growth. Be patient and allow them to share their journey with you when they’re ready… this is being understanding.


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4. Be A Listener

Lending an ear to a partner during their growth can be so helpful. Being able to dump some of the mental clutter gathered during a growth journey may free up new mental space. This may also help a partner feel recharged and ready to continue their journey. All of this can possibly be achieved by being a good listener!

5. Be There

And finally, just be there. Being there mentally, emotionally and physically for your partner during this time is the most important of them all. Showing them that they have a shoulder to lean on, somewhere to come if they need a good laugh or even a hug if needed.


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The journey of growth can be a wild ride with a lot of mixed emotions. Having a loving partner next to you that understands can make a huge difference. We hope you enjoyed the read and possibly gain something positive from it.

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