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How Not To Get Distracted and How To Be More Appreciative Of Your Partner

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Hello everyone and welcome back to the blog! In this post we would like to discuss a few tips on how not to get distracted from your relationship and how to appreciate your partner a little more. We will also speak on a couple of things to avoid and watch out for. Here we go!

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In today’s world, there are so many distractions that can have a negative effect on our relationships. Everything from the multiple social media platforms to your own circle of family and friends. There’s nothing wrong with any of the above mentioned but remember, everything should have a balance. When we become to engulfed in these distractions, something eventually loses our attention and sadly most of the time it’s ourselves or the relationship with our partner. This can happen rapidly or gradually over time and by the time we recognize it, the damage has already been done. The good news is: If your aware of a few simple signs, you may be able to catch it and correct the issue!

Be Conscious with Social Media and Entertainment

One of the first distractions that we will discuss is social media and entertainment news. It’s so easy to get wrapped up into what celebrity is doing what or who they’re dating. Once again, there’s nothing wrong with checking out entertainment news but no celebrity news is worth destroying the bond between you and your partner. What is shown to us on a news outlet is most of the time done for the cameras. Be appreciative of the amazing person you have in front of you. By comparing them and your relationship to what you are seeing or reading about on some entertainment news platform may lead to under appreciation. Try to keep in mind that, entertainment is just that, entertainment!


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Set boundaries with Family and Friends

Now let’s talk about the family and friend circle. This one can really be a tricky one. For the most part, we can all agree that family and friends have your best interests at heart but because of that mind frame they also think they know what’s not only best for you but your relationship as well. Hate to burst that bubble but no one knows you better than you. And no one knows your relationship better than you and your partner. It maybe ok to listen to a little advice from someone in your circle from time to time but remember that the decision for a relationship issue should be discussed between you and your partner.

Another way family and friends can be a distraction and lead to someone not appreciating their partner is by gossiping and applying unnecessary pressure about certain subjects. These subjects can range from having kids, career moves, pointing out what other couples in your circle are or have accomplished. A little piece of advice: Don’t worry about what they are saying! The only thing that matters is that you and your partner are happy and healthy! Remember sometimes people like to stir up issues because they are bored, unsatisfied and unfulfilled in their own lives. And other times people just aren’t aware of the damage they may be doing to a loved one by applying pressure through these verbal interactions. It’s better to avoid conversation and people like this but if you and your partner decide to entertain these types of interactions, try not to take it to serious and when you leave the convo, leave that person’s views and advice with them.


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As you can see, there are multiple ways that we can become distracted from our relationships and from our partner which can lead to them feeling under appreciated. Try living in the moment as much as possible with your partner, keep a strong open line of communication present and be appreciative of the amazing person your're in a relationship with!

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