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How being Transparent can help you build and keep a loving relationship!

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

What’s up Foraging for Two tribe! In this post we would like to discuss how being Transparent can not only help you build a strong unbreakable bond between you and your partner but why it is a necessity for a long term loving relationship. We will also bring up the topic of “Playing Games" and how it can be causing more damage to your love life than you think. Finally we will give you a few important tips on how to build and/or keep transparency in your loving relationship to make sure it continues down a happy and healthy path!

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Being transparent in a relationship can be such a beautiful thing when you both are able to share anything and everything with each other without restrictions. But how do you get to that point? It starts with you as an individual, you have to be completely honest with yourself about who you are as a person at that particular point in your life before you can ever share this information with your partner. Do not get that confused with the completion of your journey of self discovery, this journey should be ongoing and something that a loving #couple can do together at one point. You don’t have to be a “guru" in order to be transparent with your partner. You can still be discovering who you are as an individual but be honest about where you are in your journey, who you are in that moment and be able to voice that as well as show it to that special someone.

"It starts with you as an individual: you have to be completely honest with yourself before you can ever share this information with your partner."

If you haven’t already figured it out, transparency is about trust and honesty. Being able to 100% #trust your partner with all of you, it should not be a scary thing if you are with the right person. On the other hand it can be a bit scary if you’re not sure if you trust the person you’re in a #relationship with. We are talking about all of your deepest thoughts and inner workings of your mind, being completely vulnerable and open. If you are still figuring out how to access those deep thoughts, just communicate that to your love one, they may be able to help you accomplish that whenever you’re ready.


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Don't hide your true self and stop playing games

The issues begin when people hide who they really are. This usually happens at the very beginning of a relationship but it can also come about anytime during a relationship as well. The “Games" we hear about people playing in relationships is just that, a game that no one ever wins until we stop playing it. We were all guilty of it at one point in our live, in one form or another and some people continue to play. A few examples of this would be, meeting someone and pretending to like a particular activity just to impress them. If something upsets you throughout the day and your partner asks if everything’s ok but you respond with “yeah, I’m fine". Or what about not communicating at all? These are all forms of “Playing Games” and will most definitely lead to a failed or unhappy relationship at some point. The good news is that it’s never to late to start being transparent if both parties in the relationship agree to dive in 100% with everything they have!

A few exercises you can do as an individual and as a couple are:

  1. SELF-REFLECTION As an individual, make sure you reflect throughout and at the end of the day to see how you could have been more open with your communication to your partner, make a list, pick one and work on changing it the following day.

  2. SHARE ALL THE SMALL DETAILS As an individual, start with small steps. Begin expressing the tiny details of your day. You know, the details you usually hold back because you think your partner wouldn’t care. Trust us, if you are with your true love, they will absolutely LOVE to hear about every detail of your day. Doing this for a period of time should open up some incredible doors to the world of #transparency.

  3. ASK ABOUT THEIR FEELINGS As a couple, start asking each other how the other one really feels about different situations. Once again, start small and work your way up. An example would be to ask, how they felt about cuddling the night before.

  4. SHOW INTEREST IN EACH OTHERS WELL BEING As a couple, continue to show the other person that you are very interested in their mental, emotional and physical well being. This will build trust and help your partner understand how much you appreciate them being so open with you, which will ensure an amazing level of transparency.


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The best advice we have of all is to just LET GO! Trust your partner with all you have at the beginning and as the relationship continues to grow. If you are with your “True Love" they will never do anything to intentionally hurt you so this is something you should not have to even give one thought to. And trust us, you will know when you’ve found your “True Love”! The point is not to be transparent to all of society but to give that "Special Someone” access to one of the most incredible gifts that can ever be exchanged between to loving people in a dedicated romantic relationship…… your “true self”.


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