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Have you found your forever partner?

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

10 ways that may help you decide if you've found "The One".

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With the amazing advances in technology, all the available social media plattforms (and let's not talk about the countless number of dating apps out there), you would think it would be easy to find that "special someone". But as we look around today, it seems to be getting even harder to find that incredible connection. Here's 10 ways that can possibly help you find and decide or re-evaluate if that person is "The One" for you.

1. When love flows free without restriction

Loving someone is one thing - but a possible sign that you found "The One" is when you never question that love for each other. When you fully except one another with open arms, open minds and open hearts. We would have to say, that one of the biggest factors that destroys potencially good relationships is the fear of getting hurt. When we as humans have the fear of getting hurt by the other person, we tend to put up walls - therefor blocking the path in which love flows through. Which brings us to number two...

2. When you feel safe

The feeling of safety is such an important factor in a lifelong romance. When you feel safe, you have confidence that your partner is fully accepting of the person you are - this means your physical, mental and emotional state of being. So if you feel that you're snuggled in a warm safety blanket, maybe you found "The One".

3. When you can be your true self

Whether it's snorting while laughing or crying during every single movie - when you're with the right person being your true self comes so easily.

4. When you feel truly fulfilled

I think we all had that feeling when something is missing in our lifes. No matter how many bags, clothes or cars you buy, nothing can fill this hole - until you meet that special someone. When all of your "wants" seemed to have disappeared the day you met that person, maybe you found true love.

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5. When you only want the best for each other

Does it make you feel incredible to see your partner accomplish their workout goal or going after that business idea? If so, you're on the right path. Speaking from experience we can both say, that there is almost no better feeling than watching each other grow and becoming the best version of themselves.

6. When you fully trust each other without a doubt

Trust is another huge reason for relationship failure. If you can't trust the person that you're with, this is definitely a possible sign of a toxic relationship that is doomed to fail. Trust should be something that you give your partner to the fullest extend, but it has to flow both ways. We will dive deeper into the topic of trust in a later post, but for now: if your partner has the key to your trust box it's a good sign that he or she has the potential to be "The One".

7. When a good laugh is always around the corner

Let's talk about happiness. If the two of you are always finding a good laugh within each other and even hard times seem like nothing when you're together, you found the beginning signs of true happiness. This is an incredible quality to have in a forever partner.

8. When communicating seems like a sunday stroll

From the depth of your soul to your favorite places to travel, if you find yourselves talking for hours and there never seems to be enough time, you found that special quality that may turn into a forever love.

9. When a level of freedom is reached that can't be found anywhere else

We all reach for a certain level of freedom throughout our lives, but the type of freedom that radiates between a loving couple is something that is unmatched. So whether it's knowing your partner supports you on all levels, which helps boost that feeling of freedom you can achieve anything or the complete opposite of not having to achieve anything at all - and yet you still feel that you are loved and cherished. If you can relate to that feeling, there is a good possibility you found that forever partner.

10. When there are too many great qualities to name in one blogpost

We would have to say that this one is pretty self explanatory. If you can write a list of things you love about your partner 50 pages long, it's probably a good sign that you found "The One".

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