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Don't compare yourself to others! - physical appearance

Updated: Jul 1

Hey everyone, welcome to another post! Let’s dive right into it and discuss, Physically Comparing ourselves to other people. Now we know in the world of social media, so many people love to place the blame solely on these platforms. What you will soon come to realize is that physical comparison has had a place in society long before social media was ever even though about. During this post we will discuss the damaging ways that physical comparison destroys our mental and emotional wellbeing. We will also talk about why everyone should love their own body type, facial features and style. Stay tuned!

woman measuring herself

Comparing away!

Ever since we can remember, there has always been a particular type of “model" or “actor” on every billboard, magazine page, commercial or advertisement, music videos and even working in certain retail stores and restaurants. Before we realize it, there we go: COMPARING AWAY. Rather it’s weight, height, skin complexion, the way we walk or hair color, it’s all unhealthy! As you can see, we can’t just blame social media for this, of course these platforms contributed in making the issue even larger than what it was years ago. We are exposed to lots more marketing and advertising then previous generations (that we can thank Social Media for) and the other big change is that these brands and companies have gotten so much better with their strategies and techniques (mostly by collecting data from us the consumers).

You are great the way you are!

If you really take a look around today, you will see lots of very confused individuals. By that we mean, switching between 11 different diets in one year, sitting in a tanning bed or in direct sunlight for an hour even though we are aware that it could possibly be contributing to skin cancer, working out in the gym until you’ve injured yourself, or getting surgical body alterations. All this because of someone you don’t know, will probably never meet and who doesn’t care about you or your wellbeing AT ALL! What they are concerned about is that paycheck they were promised to take that photo or play that role. As a society we have to wake up and stop this. You are seriously great the way you are!

"We can’t have someone else’s body type because…… IT’S THEIRS! We have our own!"

We have to start excepting ourselves as the amazing individuals we were born as! There’s nothing wrong with a little diet change to help reach a PERSONAL goal (notice we said personal, that means you decided to make the change for yourself with no influence from the world of Marketing). The issue comes in when magic is expected and we begin to look at the spokesperson for whatever particular brand. We are not physicians or personal trainers but with a little common sense, we can see that these spokespeople did not get their body by solely using the product they are selling. They are actors and actress, paid to promote, they most likely have their own gym schedule and have probably never used the product they are selling. The other issue with this is that most of the time they don’t care about the damage it’s causing to our society, they are just trying to pay their rent or buy that new car.

woman measuring herself

The same goes for working out only to look like someone. Don’t get us wrong, we are huge supporters of physical health and exercise but when it comes to working out only for the purpose of comparison, this is where we draw the line. We all have different body types and we should be working towards making those the best they can be for ourselves. When we start wanting someone else’s body type, this can lead down a dangerous road as we see today. Just think about it, we can’t have someone else’s body type because…… IT’S THEIRS! We have our own!

What marketing does to us!

Can we all please recognize what Marketing is doing to everyone? It makes you want the opposite of what you have. If you have very light or pale skin then we are told that we have to tan to get darker. If you have darker skin, we are told that we need to be lighter. If you are a slimmer woman then you are told that you need “a bit more weight" in order to have a particular shape and if you are a woman with a bit more weight, you are told to loose some of it. Men are no different, if you are a slimmer man, you are told to “bulk up", that you need more muscle to have a particular shape and if you are a heavier man, you are told maybe you should loose some weight and trim down. Most Marketing operates off of fear they put in our heads. The narrative they use to drive that fear is that “no one will like or accept you if you don’t purchase their particular product”, which is not true. If there are people that won’t except you for who you are, the way you are, then those are not the people you should want to surround yourself with.

"Stop surrounding yourself with people that don't accept you for who you are!"

With all the places we’ve traveled there is one place we can say most people except their body in a healthy way: nudist areas throughout certain parts of Germany. There are people of all shapes and sizes walking around fully exposed and relaxed. We can all learn from that mentality. Do not let anyone make you feel bad about your breast size, penis size or how tall or short you are. We are all beautiful just the way we were born and the right positive people will accept that. It’s important to remember that before you are accepted by others for who you truly are, you must first accept yourself.

There is so much that can be said on this subject and frankly, that need to be said but this post would be 75 pages long. The point we wanted to get across would be that we are all different and amazing in our own way. So strip down to nothing while you're looking in the mirror, accept and love what you see! The only change that should be made is through your eyes, without any outside interference.

Be happy, healthy and make your body the best version of itself!

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