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Doing Life Together as a Couple

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Welcome back to the Blog and a big welcome to all of our new readers. It seems to be a very common thing these days for couples to live completely separate lives and never share any of it with their significant other. That’s why during this post we would like to discuss a few possible benefits of “Doing Life Together” as a couple and some challenges that may pop up. Let’s dive right in!

Doing life together as a couple. Couple holding hands.

Let’s start off by saying, just because two people are in a relationship together, it doesn’t mean that they are actually doing life together. Do not misunderstand us, there is nothing wrong with having personal time or enjoying your favorite hobby alone. The issue seems to come when one person or even both parties in a relationship start to view every activity as “personal time" and they decide not to share. It sounds a little extreme right? Well it can sneak up on a couple faster then you may think.

Just because two people are in a relationship, it doesn’t mean they are doing life together.

Create a loving environment in your relationship

Creating a comfortable loving environment for you and your partner could possibly help prevent things like one person in the relationship feeling like their thoughts do not matter. When one or both parties begin to feel like their thoughts or opinions do not matter, they can sometimes become reserved and stop sharing them. This can of course possibly lead to a couple living two completely different lives. In order to avoid this, show your partner that their opinions do matter by being respectful and actively listening to what they have to say. Also by responding with love and an open mind when they decide to share their thoughts with you. By doing these two simple things, a place of trust is created within the relationship and both parties feel loved.


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Be present and take breaks during busy days

Another way that could possibly cause a couple to live two separate lives is by ignoring emotional needs. As life becomes busier by the day, it is easy to fall into that “hamster wheel” and not notice when our loving partner needs some emotional support. This is something that absolutely should not be ignored. We all have different ways of showing that we may need emotional support from our partners on a particular day. These different ways can be anything from, crying very easily to being more self reserved then normal. Whatever the way, we most try our best to not get so caught up in everyday life, that we ignore our partner and miss those important signs. During these times, we are needed the most and if we are not present, it could possibly lead to the other person feeling unwanted or unnoticed. This could cause them to feel like they have no support and they most tackle life alone, which should never be the case in a loving relationship.


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Make sure you are doing life together as a couple

There are two simple ways to make sure you are doing life together as a couple, slow down throughout your day, take the time to look at your partner and ask how they are doing. The other is to always remain transparent, share as much as possible with your significant other. Rather sad or happy, share your thoughts and experiences on a daily basis and trust that your partner is loving being in the moment with you.

So remember, the benefits of Doing Life Together is the feeling of having that special someone in your corner at all times for support. And the feeling of knowing that someone is always there to not only lift you up if you fall, but ask if you’re ok and is there any way they can help.


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