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7 Ways to Keep your Relationship Going Strong

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Hi everyone! In this post we’re going to discuss how a little maintenance here and there may help keep a relationship going in a healthy and happy direction. Regardless of what we’ve all heard in fairytales, even the strongest relationships need to be maintained so let’s get started!

Couple holing hands in a strong relationship

# 1: Don't hold back your true feelings

Honesty is such an important quality in a relationship and being open with your partner falls into that category. Lying to a partner may only lead to the destruction of that relationship. And yes, withholding the truth can be considered a lie. We should never feel forced to share our inner thoughts but more happy and eager. In order to feel happy and eager to share such feelings, it takes our partner to be open in receiving what we are giving. This should be done with trust on both ends.

# 2: Make sure you are not changing for your partner

Change can be a great thing, if done for the right reasons and for the right person. When we say, “the right person”, we mean yourself. Making small changes for a partner may not be a bad thing (depending on what it is) but making large changes that completely rewrites who you are may not have a good outcome. Remember all those great qualities that make up the person you fell in love with? Why in the world would you ever want to change that.

# 3: Never forget to have fun

We understand that life can become very stressful at times and that stress can even affect the strongest relationships. During this time, try to still have fun as a couple. Rather it’s taking up a new hobby together or a weekend getaway, take a pause to create some incredible memories together!


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# 4: Make sure you haven't let too many people in the relationship

We all meet new people as we move through life, double check to make sure you haven’t let too many people into your personal relationship with your partner. If we do not continue to maintain the amount of people we allow into our relationships, just like a car, it begins to get overcrowded and dangerous. The whispers and opinions of those you allowed in may soon begin to affect your relationship.


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# 5: Keep the compliments flowing

Even after years of marriage, the loving complements should never stop flowing! You should always make it a goal to complement your partner as much as possible. That being said, it’s just as important for the one on the receiving end, to fully accept and cherish those complements!

# 6: Make sure you still cherish your relationship

Always take a moment as an individual and as a couple, to make sure your relationship is still being cherished by both parties. If you have to, pull out a pen and paper and write down the amazing things you love about each other. Every so often, try to pull back from society, remind yourself why you fell in love with the person you did and how they make you feel!

# 7: Never stop saying "I Love You"

Something you should never stop doing is telling the one you call “Baby", “Honey", “Sweetie” or whatever other pet name you may use, that you love them. The words “I Love You" can be such a powerful phrase when being driven by actual love, honesty and loyalty. So rather three years or twenty three years, never stop saying “I Love You"!


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These are just a few things that can be done to maintain a happy relationship. As you can see it does not require lots of work, as we were all lead to believe. Just like anything else, when we stop doing maintenance and allow issues to build up, it’s at that moment when things get out of hand and become more difficult to repair. We hope you enjoyed our post! Check us out on social media for daily updates and don’t forget to sign-up for our Newsletter! Thanks!


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