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7 Ways to Improve your Sex Life in a Long Term Relationship

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

SEX! That three letter word that the majority of us as adults love to take part in with our partners but cringe at the thought of speaking aloud about to improve it. What if there was a way to achieve a level of physical connection with your partner even greater than what is currently present. Below are 7 ways that may take a couple’s physical connection to new heights! Let’s get started!

Couple being intimate in bed.

1. Open Communication

Having a open conversation about what you like and don’t like plays a big part in creating a better physical connection between you and your partner but it shouldn’t stop there. The unfiltered communication should continue for all subjects. Having this level of communication may help build trust in a relationship and allow a level of comfort to be achieved that could possibly help improve things in the bedroom.


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2. Compliment your Partner

You know those thoughts you have when you see your partner walk by? The thoughts that sound something like, “Wow, he/she is so beautiful” or “Those eyes are gorgeous”. Don’t just keep them bottled up inside, be vocal and let your partner know how beautiful they are. Don’t be afraid to tell them how attractive they are to you. Something so simple may really go a long way with the physical connections between you and your partner.

3. Learn to Accept Compliments

Getting compliments from your partner is such a great thing but if we do not fully accept them, it kind of defeats the purpose. We get it, sometimes we look in the mirror first thing in the morning and we may not feel the most attractive. Just remember that, just as we are so attracted to our partners, they love us for who we are and they have the same level of attraction for us… even first thing in the morning.

4. Love the Person You Are

It’s also very important to love yourself for who you are. Once you’ve accomplished this, accepting compliments from your partner will become easier and have such a fulfilling effect. Also, when you learn to love yourself, a level of comfort develops and that comfort could help strengthen the physical connection between a loving couple.


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5. Explore Each Other's Body

Set aside the time to fully explore your partner’s body. Maybe that could be one of the activities set for a date night or maybe during a nice sensual massage. However you and your partner decide to set it up, just make sure both parties are willing and comfortable. Learning every inch of your partner’s body and how they react to your touch in each specific area can really lead to an enhanced physical experience between a couple!

6. Be Open to Trying New Things

Rather it’s exploring new areas of your house or a fantasy that your partner shared with you, work on opening your mind enough to try new things. You never know what you may like. Come together as a couple and discuss some of your deepest fantasies, then if both parties agree, maybe try a few of them out together!

7. Be Supportive

Showing support on all levels can really improve a couple’s connection in more ways than one. Being supportive is just listening, understanding and being there for your partner. It could be them sharing the reason why they may not feel comfortable in a particular situation in which it may require love and patience on your side to help them work through this issue. Or it could be listening and understanding a deep fantasy they decided to share with you without judging. As long as it’s safe, healthy and doesn’t harm anyone, just remember that being supportive can really go a long way.

By combining and putting to use all 7 of the above, it may help strengthen the love, trust and acceptance within an individual and for their partner!


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