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7 Fall Date Ideas for the Loving Couple

Hello everyone, welcome back to the blog! Autumn is such a beautiful time to cozy up next to your partner and spend some quality time together. In this post we would like to share some of our top date ideas for the fall season! Let’s go!

Couple having Date In Autumn at a lake

1. Sleep in Date

Taking that extra hour or two in the morning before getting out of bed can be very rewarding from time to time but sleeping in as a couple can be even better. Try to complete most of your normal morning chores the night before and do not set your wake up alarms. Once you wake up, relax and take the time to enjoy your partner’s company.

2. A Romantic Walk in the Forest

As most of you may know, we really enjoy spending time in nature. There’s just something so romantic about a forest during Autumn. Sit down with your partner and find a nice walking trail through the forest that you both could enjoy. Pack your favorite warm beverage, grab your scarves and enjoy the beautiful sights that nature offers during fall.


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3. Cuddle Night on the Couch

It’s time for you and your partner to unpack that special quilt or blanket and head to the couch! Once you’re all nice and cozy, you can put on a favorite romantic comedy or your favorite smooth jazz playlist. The most important thing is to enjoy the time with that special someone.

4. Hot Chocolate Experiment

Autumn and hot chocolate go hand in hand and there are so many different ways to prepare it. Get with your partner and make a list of different hot chocolate recipes you both will enjoy. Pick up a couple of small mugs and all the ingredients you will need. Once you arrive home, throw on your favorite fall music and let the hot chocolate experiment begin! Just try not to over drink!


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5. Lake Date

Find the closest lake, pond or river surrounded by trees, pack some sandwiches and your favorite tea or coffee, you can even bring along a blanket. Have a seat next to the water front and enjoy the beautiful fall colors reflecting off of the water. This is also the perfect bonding time for you and your partner.

6. Pumpkin Patch Adventure

Taking a trip with your partner to your local pumpkin patch can be quite fun! Take part in the games they may have, see who can pick out the best pumpkin in five minutes and be sure to take loads of photos!

7. Pumpkin Pie contest

Now it’s time to use those pumpkins you and your partner picked up at the pumpkin patch. Set up a friendly competition between you two. The competition can consist of a pumpkin carving contest and a pumpkin pie contest. The best part about this date idea is that not only do you get to share some laughs with your partner but you get to have pie!

As you can see there are multiple ways to enjoy the fall season with your partner. It’s really all about relaxing, getting cozy and enjoying the quality time with that special person and autumn just seems to make it a little more cozy.

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