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5 Tips on how to reconnect after an argument

Updated: Oct 2

Hey Foraging for Two fam! This week we discuss a situation that we’re sure we have all been through: having a strong disagreement or argument with our partner. Don’t worry, it happens and it’s ok. The most important thing is that we are as present in the moment as possible, that we understand how to reconnect afterwards and why it’s so important to do so. During this post we would love to share 5 Tips that may help you reconnect during and after a strong argument or disagreement. LET’S GO!

Couple hugging and reconnecting after an argument

Tip # 1: Calm down

During a disagreement you may experience different levels of emotions from one second to the next. But instead of emotional changes you would experience in a normal situation, during a disagreement they can be amplified. When emotions are amplified and changing rapidly, it can lead to things being said that you really didn’t mean, only to hurt the other person and this is something we should NEVER want to do to our partner. To avoid this situation, try to catch your emotions before they begin to elevate, then take a few deep breaths, remind yourself of the wonderful person sitting in front of you and how much you love them. Following these steps could help you calm down enough to begin having a better discussion backed with respect, love and patience.

Tip # 2: Listen

It is understandable that you want your opinion to be heard during a disagreement, but that’s not the only point and definitely not the most important. Listening and trying to understand your partner’s point of view is extremely important and should be your first priority. Try your best not to cut off the other person while they are talking and expressing themselves. This could lead to your partner shutting down emotionally and not wanting to engage with you any further. To prevent this from happening, show your partner that you are interested in their opinion and point of view by actively listening and asking respectful questions. It is even ok at the beginning of the disagreement to allow one person to fully say their part without interruption while the other partner listens and when they are done, the partner that was listening can now say their part while the other person gives them the same respect by not interrupting. Once you both are done speaking, you can now respectfully and lovingly engage by asking questions and coming to an agreement.

Tip # 3: Start the Conversation Over

If the disagreement has already elevated a bit and things seemed to be getting a bit out of hand, STOP where you are and agree to take a moment. This moment can be anything from just standing up from the couch for a few seconds and sitting back down to taking a walk outside and getting some fresh air. But the most important thing during this time is to remember how much you love and care about your partner. Think about the smiles and laughs you two shared earlier that day. Think about how your partner means more to you than anything in this world. Once you’ve both taken a moment, ask your partner if they’re ok and if they are ready to tackle this subject TOGETHER and come to a conclusion, TOGETHER.


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Tip # 4: Take a Moment to Share a Hug

After reaching a respectful agreement it is important to continue the reconnection process and nothing can do this better then physical touch between a loving couple and by physical touch we mean a nice, tight, loving hug from your partner. Fully embrace each other for a few moments. During this time you can both be silent and enjoy the loving energy being transferred between the two of you. It is also ok to verbally share how much you value and cherish each other.

Tip # 5: Do a Fun Activity Together

After your loving embrace, find a fun activity you both enjoy and go for it! This can be going on a hike, watching a funny movie you both love, going for a nice drive and listening to music or having a romantic picnic. Whatever you two decide, make sure there are no major distractions and your partner has your undivided attention.


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As you can see there are ways to turn a strong disagreement into a respectful discussion without allowing it to turn into a disrespectful argument. There is absolutely no reason for a discussion between a loving couple to reach that level. As long as both individuals have love, respect and loyalty for each other, there should be no problems coming to a loving agreement.

Leave a comment below and let us know how our tips may have helped you to reconnect after an argument.


A hike in nature is a great way to spend some time as a couple to reconnect



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