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5 Cheap and Simple Date Night Ideas

Updated: Oct 19

Who doesn’t love a good date night with that special someone? But with the wrong messages being pushed in today’s world like, flying someone out on a lavish vacation, buying an expensive bag or watch, or having dinner at a restaurant where a glass of wine cost $500. We seem to be missing the point of why date nights are so special, here’s our list of cheap and simple date night ideas that will show your partner you truly love and cherish them!

Couple having date night picnic
  1. A Destination Dinner No, you won’t need to buy a plane ticket for this one. Sit down with your partner and think of a place you would love to travel together. Once you’ve decided on a place, find a famous local cuisine from the area, put together a quick grocery list and grab everything you need (don’t forget a few cheap candles). While the food is cooking, set the table with some flowers, candles and put on some traditional music very low in the background from whatever country you chose. The point is to enjoy quality time with your partner and experience something new together that you both will remember for years to come.

  2. Let Down the Window and Enjoy the Fresh Air We should all bring back car dates from time to time. Prepare a quick meal before leaving home. A couple of tasty sandwiches, chips, a few apples, and your favorite non-alcoholic beverage (don’t forget you’re driving). Jump in the car, find a great spot in or around your town, somewhere quiet, safe and relaxing. When you two arrive, roll down all the windows or if you have a truck, drop that tailgate and enjoy a great date night together with the one you love! Tip: Read our "20 fun "What If" questions" to spark some great converations.

  3. Total Darkness This is an incredible bonding experience. After enjoying a nice light meal, put on a calming instrumental playlist very low in the background, turn off every light in your house and have a seat on the couch, bed or floor with your partner (be careful not to fall over any furniture). Now release all senses and explore each other’s mind and body, from physical touch to deep conversation, just relax and enjoy the night.

  4. A Nice Nature Walk Some of the best date nights can take place during the day and some of the best date spots are made by mother nature. Get with your partner and grab your backpacks! Begin whipping up some homemade trail mix out of things you probably already have in your kitchen, for example, cereal, nuts, dried fruit etc. Fill up a couple of bottles with nice cold water and head to your nearest beach, forest or if you two live in a large city, find the closest park. Enjoy holding hands, indulging in great conversation and taking in some fresh air and sunshine.

  5. Turn your Living Room into a Dance floor Ever thought about taking Salsa lessons? Well, next date night may be the time to bring the passion of dance into your living room! Head to your nearest grocery store, pickup some ingredients for your favorite couples meal, along with a few bottles of your favorite wine. Once you two are back home, begin prepping your meal and transforming your living room into a dance floor. After you’ve enjoyed a nice meal, turn the lights down low, put on your favorite date night playlist, crack open that wine and dance the night away with your partner!

As you can see, it really doesn’t cost a lot to have an incredible date night with your partner. So from this point forward, let’s all remember what makes these nights so special. Instead of trying to “buy" lust, let’s focus on building love instead!

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